Angove Renmark Cellar Door

Angove Organic Renmark Cellar Door

Angove Family Winemakers is the region’s oldest winery, established in 1910. Today the Angove family is Australia’s leading organic grape grower and winemaker, with a deep commitment to sustainability.

The Cellar Door is located in the beating heart of the working Renmark Winery. Here, you will be able to sample and purchase our range of premium and organic wines, and Australia’s greatest Craft Spirit, St Agnes Brandy.

Christmas 2021 to New Year’s 2022 opening times are

Thursday 23rd December 10am to 4pm
Friday 24th December 10am to 3pm
Saturday 25th December CLOSED
Sunday 26th December CLOSED
Monday 27th December CLOSED
Tuesday 28th December 10am to 4pm
Wednesday 29th December 10am to 4pm
Thursday 30st December 10am to 4pm
Friday 31st December 10am to 4pm
Saturday 1st January CLOSED
Saturday 2nd January CLOSED
Monday 3rd January 11am to 4pm

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Our Organic Journey

Angove began our organic wine journey in 2006 when we were looking for a better way to care for and manage our vineyards and and be more sustainable with our winemaking, since then we haven't looked back. After a nervous start the vineyards soon found their balance and the fruit they produced showed better depth of flavour which resulted in more flavourful wines. This was all the impetus we needed to forge ahead and become fully certified Organic in all of our family owned vineyards now totaling over 430 Ha plus additional Organic growers.

At no time during the grape growing and wine making process do we use synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fungicides of any type - just sun, soil and love. All inputs we use are found naturally on our planet and are certified by Australian Certified Organic. All of our organic wines proudly wear the ACO Bud logo as a symbol of their quality and a mark of our authenticity as an organic wine maker. We are audited every year to ensure we are abiding by the strict protocols and practices that are put in place.

We are also one of a handful of wineries Certified Organic to US, EU, Canada, China and Australia Standards meaning our organic wines are found in many places around the world.

Hand Soil Organic Square

Angove use Indian Runner ducks rather than pesticides in our Warboys Vineyard to control snails that make their way into the vine canopy and eat the grapes. In one year we hand removed over 400 kilograms of the pests.

Specially designed under vine mowers, built and modified by Angove's engineering department, are used for weed control which is one of the hardest parts of farming organically.

By farming organically and using extensive undervine mulching we have reduced irrigation requirements significantly which is vitally important, especially in the Riverland.

Made with the gentlest touch and with minimal inputs, the Angove family crafts their range of exceptional Certified Organic wines from premium grapes sourced from a number of organic and biodynamic vineyards through
McLaren Vale and the Riverland. At no stage during the grape growing or winemaking processes is synthetic chemicals or non-organic inputs used.


The St Agnes Distillery

Since 1910 Angove has been making St Agnes Brandy at the historic St Agnes Distillery and Barrel Halls. Tours are available of the distillery and run for approximately 45 minutes.

Bookings are essential and can be made by calling 08 8580 3148 or contact us online

St Agnes Brandy Tours
28th December to Saturday 8th January 12.30pm Only
Call 8580 3148 for bookings 10am - 5pm Monday to Friday, 11am - 4pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays

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