Understanding Vegan Wines

100% Vegan

Many traditional wines are made using animal-derived fining-agents. These fining-agents, which are used to remove protein and yeast, include milk, egg whites and isinglass- made from the float bladder of the sturgeon fish.

Our award-winning range of Certified Organic wines do not use any animal-based fining products or tested inputs in the winemaking process, making them 100% vegan.

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How We Produce Our Vegan Wines

We start with healthy soil. In our vineyards, we encourage weeds which are great for healthy nutrient cycling in the soil. Good levels of nitrogen in the soil is essential for healthy vine growth and winemaking.

As a Certified Organic grape grower, we do not spray synthetic herbicides or pesticides on our vines. That’s why we have a large number of animal species on our vineyards, including bees, bats and birds to help manage pests. We are famous for our Indian Runner Ducks who control the snail population in the Warboys Vineyard in McLaren Vale.

In the winery we only use the free run juice from the grapes to create our Organic wines. This mean we do not have to use any of the animal based fining products to clean and stabilise our wines and can instead use fining agents derived from pea proteins to do this.

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Our Vineyards

When drinking Angove Organic, know that it was created in a vineyard where the health of the soil and the vitality of vines comes first.

At the Angove Family Winemakers vineyard in Renmark, South Australian, we adhere to rigorous standards of organic protocol, and use no synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides in our winemaking process.

In our Warboys Vineyard in McLaren Vale we grow Certified Organic and biodynamic wine which creates rich flavours.

Biodynamic wine is based on the idea that, for it to reach its full potential, a vineyard needs to be well-balanced and harmonious – the key is having a healthy soil and vineyard microbiome and that carries through to healthy vines and flavour packed grapes.

We believe there is no other way than Certified Organic viticulture to produce the best tasting wines. It is only natural that when the vine is healthier, the fruit it produces will be healthier, and more delicious as well.

Experience Our Vegan Wines

Angove Organic is 100% organic wine, 100% handcrafted wine and 100% vegan friendly wine.

Enjoy everything from a delightful Rosé wine to a classic Cabernet Sauvignon, a crisp Pinot Grigio to a fruity Cuvee Brut wine, from our Angove Organic range of 17 wines that are 100% vegan. Buy organic wine online here or visit McLaren Vale to meet our famous Indian Runner Ducks.